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Curry Leaves

Curry Leaves

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There are two kinds of curry leaf trees in Sri Lanka. Real karapincha and wild karapincha. The former is for the most part for medicinal purposes and the latter is for cooking purposes.

Sri Lankans have this mixture of spices called sambola where you find a several spices. This mouth watering dish becomes more delicious when curry leaves are added. This sambola was one of the reasons that has made Sri Lankan food unique.
A lot of people think that curry leaves simply add flavor to food and they throw away the leaves while eating their dishes. Nevertheless, curry leaves are much more valuable  than some people believe. They offer various medical advantages while making your favorite dishes more delicious.

From those days people in sri lanka used curry leaves for various conditions. In fact Karapincha is good for rheumatism. It improves appetite and helps with food digestion. Leaves, roots, bark, stalk and blooms of this tree are good for any kind of stomach problem. Karapincha stems is good for loose motion. For stomach ache and vomiting curry leaves, aralu and pepper powder is recommended. For loss of appetite tea mixed with curry leaves is recommended, for snake bites a tonic is made using curry leaves, turmeric and salt. For skin rashes curry leaf powder is mixed with cow's milk and applied on the skin.

In Ayurvedic medicine, curry leaves are used when making medicine for wounds, gastritis, diabetic and cholesterol.
Maybe one of the greatest medical advantages of curry leaves is its ability to
control diabetes. From those days people used to boil curry leaves and drink for various ailments. And now recent studies have found that curry leaves can reduce glucose level in blood and is a good natural drink for those who have diabetics. 

Useful for Hair Development: Curry leaves also have the ability to make your hair roots stronger. Dry curry leaf powder mixed with coconut oil is a good hair conditioner. The essense of curry leaves also is good for split hair. So this combination of curry leaves powder and coconut oil will help you to get healthy and strong hair.

Curry leaves contain a lot of vitamin A.
Lack of vitamin A may cause night visual deficiency, blurry vision or even blindness. Therefore regular consumption of curry leaves can improve your eye sight and prevent other eye problems.

Curry leaves help you to get a
healthy skin. The juice or essence of the leaves can be applied on your skin to get a clourful skin. You can also apply this paste to get rid of scars on your skin.

Unlike some spices that should be used with moderation, ayurvedic doctors do not impose any limits on the consumption of this spice. Because it is a healthy spice that has a lot of benefits.