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New Ranweli Spice Garden,  Gannoruwa- Muruthalawa Road

Sri Lanka 




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Directions      New Ranweli Spice Garden is located in close proximity to Peradeniya Royal Botanical Garden.


It is much easier to visit New Ranweli Spice Garden for those who visit Peradeniya Botanical Garden. Simply take the SUSPENSION BRIDGE inside the botanical garden and make it to the other side of the river, take the road (Gannoruwa Muruthalawa RD) right opposite the SUSPENSION BRIDGE, from there it is just around 800m to New Ranweli Spice Garden.


Historical Importance of  The Location of New Ranweli Spice Garden




About 374 years ago the famous Gannoruwa battle was fought between the Portuguese and the Sinhalese. Many historians say if the Portuguese were able to defeat the Sinhalese in this battle, the year that the whole of Sri Lanka was captured by a Western Power wouldn't be 1815 but 1638. It was because the Gannoruwa battle was so decisive and brutal and can be labelled as one of the bloodiest battles fought in Sri Lanka. Ever since the Portuguese landed in Sri Lanka in 1505 the locals were trying to find a way to drive them away from the country. Portuguese on the other hand always were planning on capturing the entire country. To fulfill their goal they had to defeat the kingdom of Kandy because Kandy had always been independent and the thick jungle surrounding Kandy always provided protection. In fact many foreign nations tried to capture the kingdom of Kandy and failed miserably. Portuguese too with the leadership of a valiant general named Diogo De Mello made an attempt to capture the Kingdom of Kandy and become the masters of the whole country. But when the portuguse entered Kandy they found to their amazement the entire place abandoned. This was similar to what happened to Napoleon and his army when they went to Russia. The Kings' men knowing that they did not stand a chance against the trained Portuguese soldiers had abandoned Kandy and gone into the jungles. De Mello and the Portuguese soldiers thinking that the Sinhalese have escaped out of fear, looted the whole Kandy city and started marching towards Danture and Gannoruwa. These areas were thick jungles and the Sinhalese who were hiding in these areas started to attack the Portuguese. Here in the Gannoruwa battle, it is said that the Portuguese were severely defeated and only a few could escape and return to Colombo.