New ranweli spice garden reviews

Reviewed January 26, 2019 via mobile

Bij toeval deze Spice garden ontdekt. Ik vond dit, naast de botanische tuin, een van de leukste dingen die we hebben gedaan in kandy.
Er wordt leuk en goed uitgelegd over de verschillende kruiden. Ja er is inderdaad een shop na de rondleiding, maar je bent absoluut niet verplicht om iets te kopen. Als je dit wel doet terwijl je dat eigenlijk niet wilt, dan zegt dat meer iets over jezelf dan over de tuin ;). De prijzen zijn inderdaad duurder dan op de markt, maar wie zegt dat dit exact dezelfde producten zijn en dat er niet gesjoemeld is met de goedkopere producten? Ik proef echte passie bij de heren over de producten en zij proberen hier iets op te bouwen waar ik graag mijn steentje aan bijdraag door hen te supporten. Ik ga zeker nog nabestellen via de post.

This spice garden is one of the nicest things, besides the botanical garden, we did in Kandy. The tour around the garden is very informative and brought in a nice way with a lot of tasting, smelling and testing. Yes there is a shop after the tour, but they aren't pushy at all. If you buy something when you actually don't want to buy something, than you have to look at yourself instead at the people of the garden ;). The prices are indeed higher then on the market, but who says the cheaper products are genuine or the same as the more expensive ones? I taste real passion and authenticity at this spice garden and they try to build something which I gladly support. I will order again from them when I'm back home.
Date of experience: January 2019

Reviewed January 13, 2019 via mobile
Very good moment in the spice garden. Our guide was very passionate by the spices and we learn a lot of things.I really recommended and it's very near the botanical garden
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Date of experience: November 2018

Reviewed January 11, 2019 via mobile
Nice tour and something different to do. Tour guide was knowledgable. There is an expectation to buy after the tour, but its all affordable so we didnt mind. Got some nice cinnamon and citronella
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Date of experience: January 2019

Reviewed December 29, 2018 via mobile
I ordered product from the New Ranwelli Spice Garden earlier in the year and have just reordered. They are very professional and helpful plus very quickly processed the order. I paid by PayPal and the bottles arrived within a few weeks. I have no hesitation in recommending this company with the quality of their products and safe reliable service

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Reviewed February 18, 2018

Tolle Führung, hier bekommen sie vor Ort erklärt wie Pflanzen auf Naturbasis wirken. Natur Medizin pur, einfach toll. Sie können testen wie eine Enthaarungscreme auf reiner Natur Basis wirkt. Ganz sanft.
Eintritt frei. Die Produkte können Sie zu sehr fairen Preisen kaufen.
Viele schauen ungläubig, weil man vergessen hat, das ALLE Medikamente den Ursprung in der Natur haben.

Reviewed February 4, 2018

Wir waren spontan da. Es war sehr
Schön und es gab viel zu sehen. Der
Guide war sehr nett und man konnte
Gut mit ihm plaudern.

Es gab sehr viele Gewürze zu sehen und (ganz toll!) zum riechen und probieren.

Man kommt sehr einfach über die Suspension Bridge (Exit of Botanical Garden )hierher. In Google Maps und Maps me ist es als POi verzeichnet . Etwa 400 m

Reviewed 3 days ago
We researched which spice garden was the best and found most/many were extremely pushy and sold lower quality items that "took" tourists. So we found this place and went. Our tour guide was Asanka and he was great! He was very funny and knew his stuff. He seemed to really care about the quality of the items and knew his stuff. He was NOT pushy and we bought what we wanted. The tour is as slow or fast as you want, it's not crowded there and is very natural. We were fascinated and loved it all. Looking forward to using or spices - this is the ONLY place to go!

Reviewed 3 days ago

Reviewed 1 week ago
Even if you know what some plants benefits do, it is well worth the trip to find out more interesting facts about different spices etc that can benefit us humans.

Vinkovci, Croatia
Reviewed 2 days ago
It was a great visit! It is a small garden with family atmosphere. Our guide explained and showed us plenty of spices and we were able to taste all of them directly from tree/bush.
After that he tought us about Sri Lankan curry and other products they are selling but in any momemt we didn't feel like we have to buy sth.
Prices are fair. Not cheap, not to expensive. In my opinion absolutely good value for the quality.

Reviewed 5 weeks ago
Spice gardens are aplenty in Sri Lanka, but if you would like a personalised tour of a spice garden by a very knowledgeable and friendly guide, look no further. I highly recommend New Ranweli Spice Garden. Please look for Asanka Pradeep, he's a great guide! No pushy sales tactics, no forcing you to buy stuff you don't want to. You will be given a cup of freshly brewed Sri Lankan spice tea at the end of the tour, and for a rather small spice garden, there are quite a few spice trees, bushes and plants for you to see, touch, smell and savour. All goods sold are organic and they do not contain any harsh chemicals whatsoever. I bought the meat spice mix, vegetables spice mix, some frangipani, lotus and jasmine essential oils and rose incense sticks. Beats anything I've bought before; my family thoroughly enjoyed the dishes I cooked using the spices, the essential oils are very concentrated and the scent lasts for more than a day!

Reviewed July 27, 2018 via mobile
We stopped here and had a tour just for ourselves of about 30 min. They explained the different plants (about 15) and its use. They also showed us the different oils and lotions. The tour is free and they show us the shop. We bought 1000 rupees worth of spices (3 packs) as a fair price for the tour also.

The garden itself is small, but well kept and sports diverse medicinal plants. The guide was very informed and fun, and there is a demonstration and review of the many health products and spices sold there. There is even a free massage (for men... it’s shirt off) though a tip is expected. A full visit is an hour, if that. If you seek a quick lesson in Ayurvedic medicine and the plants used, this is a good spot. Clean toilets.

Tina wrote a review Jan 2022
small garden but full of spices. The tour guide explained what each plant and how it was used medicinally. It was interesting to see lots of spices I used as dried spices at home growing here.
Sat us in front of table and went through some products telling us medicinal uses, but it didn't take very long and we found it interesting. Leg message came as a bit of a surprise but was welcome, only knee down so was comfortable with that. My husband was having problems with his leg so he really enjoyed the massage and it helped.
Nice shop, pricier than the supermarkets but I bought some nicely packaged spices for gifts which were still much cheaper than hone so I was happy with that.

helendrabbe wrote a review Jan 2020
We spent an enjoyable hour here and our guide was very informative. We first saw the plants and then had a demo about the various products that come from the plants. It included a lovely head and shoulder massage. The tour costs you nothing but we were so convinced about the properties of the products we spent quite a bit of money!