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Red Onion

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Red Onions at the local market sri lanka

Red onion a must in Sri Lankan cooking. Sri lankans are very fond of making a lot of dishes with red onions. One of them is 'pol sambol' or coconut chutney which is a mixture of spices like chilly, pepper, garlic, curry leaves,coconut and onions. The more onions you add to this mixuture, the more delicious it becomes.

Another food Sri Lankans make out of Onions is 'Sini Sambol'. This combination also contains almost all the ingredients of 'pol sambol' except coconut and it also has sugar. So imagine how  good it would taste, this combination of spices with a pinch of sugar.

It is believed that onions are good for insomnia and helps you to sleep properly. Onions are good for inflammation. Some people in Sri Lanka even apply onion juice on the hair because it is believed that it can prevent hair falling and make hair stronger.

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