Pandan leaves at ranweli spice garden

Pandan leaves

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Pandan leaves at Kandy Spice garden



Pandan leaves or Rampe (Sinhalese term) as it is known in Sri Lanka, is a famous plant all over Asia because of its taste and the smell. But just like curry leaves you can't just take a pandan leaf and eat because it is a little thick and digesting this leaf also is very hard. So one might wonder how exactly to use this spice in cooking. In fact big pieces of pandan leaves are added when cooking and when the curry is cooked we need to take the leaves out. But even if you take these leaves out the curry will have a  lovely aroma and a taste in the dish.

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Pamdan leaves in New Ranweli Spice Garden Kandy

Pandan leaf is known for its medicinal or herbal uses as well. Some People boil pandan leaves and drink to treat wounds. Some people as a habit chew panda leaves to get rid of bad breath. It is also a good home remedy for minor headaches, inflammation and so on.