A bit About The History Of Sri Lanka

A bit about Sri Lanka


The per-historic era of Ceylon is mythical and legendary, and yet there can be a few countries in the world having such a long and continuous history and civilization. The journey towards civilization was a long process and it has taken thousands of years. The earliest stage is known as the stone age because only stone implements were used by the ancient man.

Vijaya Legend

Dipavamsa and Mahavamsa two of the oldest chronicles in Sri Lanka mention the coming of Vijaya. Vijaya was the son of king Sinhabahu who reigned from Sinhapura in the country of Latha and was the heir to the throne in India. But Vijaya got into bad company and became a gang leader who looted and plundered the people. They complained to the king about the misdeeds of his son. But still Vijaya was incorrigible and there was no end to the suffering of the people at his hands and finally they demanded that prince Vijaya be executed. The king arrested Vijaya and his seven hundred gangsters, had their heads half shaven, put them on board a ship and deported. Then they eventually landed in Lanka. Here they were so happy and they grasped the earth with their hands which became red by contact with the soil. They therefore named the place Thambapanni (copper-colored hand). This name later extended to the district and to the whole island. It is said that lord Buddha saw that Vijaya would make this land habitable and that Buddhism would flourish here in future. Lord Buddha requested Indra the king of Gods to protect Vijaya and his followeres. Vijaya had the opportunity of meeting a pretty young woman named Kuweni of the Yaksha tribe and took her as his wife. According to legend Kuweni was the daughter of king Bamba and with her help Vijya was able to kill the Yaksha ruler of the region along with his people and become the king. He established his kingdom in Thammanna. Kuweni bore him two children. A son and a daughter. Still Vijaya did not go through his coronation ceremony for he insisted that he should have a royal princess from India. Vijaya was able to marry a princess from India and Kuweni was banished along with her two children. The children grew up and established the hunter gatherer community in Sri Lanka. Thus began the origin of the Sinhalese people.