Uniqueness of Sri Lankan food

Uniqueness of Sri Lankan food





Foods in Sri Lanka can be hot or extremely spicy and many foreigners who come to Sri Lanka would not dare to go for them. Except the ones who love spicy food.  Some believe that those who prefer hot and spicy food are hot tempered and aggressive. But this is not true, when it comes to Sri Lankans. Sri lankans are known all over the world for their unique hospitality. Just like the Sri lankans, Sri Lankan food also is remarkable for their unique taste. Numerous Sinhala or sri lankan food items are obtained from Chena cultivation. Sri Lankan food plays an imperative part in the Islanders' life from the most favorable Sinhala/Hindu New Year festival to minor occasions. They make milk rice, milk toffee and sweet desserts with coconut milk at social celebrations. The curries come in numerous smells and flavors  mixed with Sri Lankan Hot Spices. All this give an incredible sensation when used as part of meals.

Most of the Sri Lankans eat rice with vegetables. In fact Rice and curry is the staple food in Sri Lanka. Sri Lankan curries are known for their searing hot fiery flavors and coconut milk is an essential element of Sri Lankan curries. As a matter of fact, it is very hard to find a sri lankan dish which does not contain either coconut milk or coconut oil. The amount of coconut milk added decides the taste of the dishes. In the sense if the curry is too spicy , one can make it less spicy by adding some coconut milk. If the curry is too salty also we can add some coconut milk and balance the taste. coconut milk has this amazing ability to balance the taste of any curry.

Foods in Sri Lanka 


The claim to fame in Sri Lankan food is that the same food is distinctively made in different parts of the island. One may not taste the same chicken curry in both Kandy and Colombo. In fact the style of cooking differs from city to city. Dishes from the Northern part of Sri Lanka have the touch of south Indian flavors. Dishes from the Southern area of Sri Lanka can be  Hot or Mellow. The food of the southern district of Sri Lanka are known for their amazing mouth watering fish curry. It is mostly made in the villages around the coastal belt. sri lankans call this delicious dish 'Ambulthiyal'. It is a bit sour, hot fish curry with gamboges or "Goraka" juice.

Certain types of fish like Balaya , Kelawalla are local to Southern oceans. "Lunu dehi" (lime pickle) and jaadi (Pikled fish) are food items which are seasoned with lime and pepper to preserve.

Since upper western beachfront district is dry, fish is dried with salt. This is called "Karawala" (dry fish). This process is a bit easier since the area around the coastal belt of the island is hot compared to the interior of the country .

Chena and Paddy cultivation, have produced numerous food stuff. Sri Lankans love sweetmeats like Kavum, kokis, Halape, Thalaguli and Wattalapam and so forth. Most of the Sri Lankans' drink of choice is either tea or coffee.
As already mentioned Staple diet of Sri Lanka is 'Rice and curry'. Sri lankans use various techniques to cook their dishes. Among the most popular dishes are Soups, meat, Ocean depths, Lentils, Vegetables, Sambols (a paste made of onion,chilli and coconut), Mallums (greens), Pies . Curd and Treacle and Sweetmeats produced using Rice flour and palm treacle, are all organic products which make sri lankan foods heavenly.