kandy ranweli spice garden

Citronella plant is very much common in sri lanka and all over Asia. Indeed, you may even be looking at your own citronella plant in your home garden at this moment. This very much adored plant is basically prized for its strong aroma, which is believed to keep away mosquitoes and flies.

This plant is ordinarily found under various names, for example, citronella plant, mosquito killer according to Sri Lankans, citrosa geranium and Pelargonium citrosum. In spite of the fact that a large number of its names leave the feeling that it contains citronella, which is a typical fixing in bug repellent, the plant is really a mixed bag of scented geranium that essentially delivers a citronella-like fragrance when the leaves are pulverized. The mosquito plant geranium is a hybridized plant that came to fruition from Chinese citronella grass and African geranium.

So the main question still remains. Do citronella plants truly keep away mosquitoes? Since the plant releases its smell when touched, it works best as an anti-agent when the leaves are squeezed and rubbed on the skin as mosquitoes can't stand its strong smell. Not only does citronella extract keep away mosquitoes and flies but also when they sting your skin, you can also apply it on your skin to get rid of the itchiness. It has this amazing healing power to make you feel better once you are stung by a mosquito.

Citronella plant looks just like the lemon grass, but one can distinguish between a citronella plant and lemon grass from the fragrance. Citronella plant has a strong smell whereas lemon grass has a very subtle smell. And the other thing is citronella is not eatable. One must not even attempt to chew a citronella leaf as it is very strong.
These plants need six hours of sunlight for its proper growth. Nevertheless we can plant citronella inside our homes near a window. Because it also has the ability to survive under cold conditions. These plants grow up to 4 feet high and only then it is recommended to pick the leaves for processing.