Chilli at Ranweli Spice Garden

Benefits of Chilly

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chilly at ranweli spice garden

Chilli plant is a small, bush around 1m in height. this plant is native to Mexico where chilly was used as one of the important spices when it comes to cooking. gradually it spread throughout Europe and became famous in Asia too. Chilli also is one of the widely grown spices in Sri Lanka when it comes to export. Chilli Powder is something people in sri lanka can't do without.

Chillies can be picked while they are green, or once they mature and dry on the plant itself. But mostly chillies are collected once they turn red. They are then  dried until 20 per cent of the skin's moisture is left.
Inside chilli  there are  white round seeds. These seeds make chillies more spicy.

Both red and green Chillies, are rich in vitamin-C. Vitamin C is a good cancer prevention agent. It is needed for the collagen blend inside the human body. Collagen is one of the principle  protein needed for keeping up the uprightness of veins, skin, organs, and bones. Consumption of food rich in vitamin C improves immunity, improves immunity against cold. Chilies also have a measure of minerals like potassium, manganese, iron, and magnesium. Potassium is a critical part of cell and body liquids that helps controlling the heart rate.