Aloe plant

Alovera cream spice garden

Aloe is a short-stemmed succulent plant growing up to about 70cm tall. Leaves of this plant are thick and have spikes all over them. The edge of the leaf is serrated and has little white spikes. Inside aloe leaves there is a cool gel. Value of aloe can be mainly attributed to this gel. Aloe Vera is a plant that is mostly grown in desert like places. In other words aloe grows well in tropical areas. This plant has been used as a medicine from a very long time. Aloe is mostly used in cosmetics.  Aloe is known as a good skin conditioner that can protect you from the sun by acting as a sunblock. Aloe also has this natural substance that can heal pimples and blemishes. Many are the uses and medical advantages of aloe. People have started adding aloe juice into beverages also. i.e  milk shakes, fruit juice and so on.